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    Juul Kit & Juul Pods India

    Now We are Delivering Juul Device and Juul Pods in India. Buy Juul India now at your doorstep, The wait is over Order your supplies until stock lastes. Limited quantities of Juul Starter Kit and Juul Pods, delivery only in India.

    What does JUUL Vape and Pods mean?

    JUUL vape and pods are a popular and user-friendly vaping solution. The JUUL starter kit is a well-known brand of vaporizer that comes with pre-filled cartridges, commonly known as pods.

    Recognized for its sleek USB-like design, JUUL is easy for both beginners and experienced vapers. The pods contain nicotine-infused e-liquid, and JUUL is often used interchangeably with vaping.

    It is a prominent choice among the vapers because it provides a convenient and satisfying option for an uncomplicated alternative to smoking.

    How can I use Juul Pods and Vape?

    The use of JUUL pods and vape is easy! First, make sure your pod is fully charged when you take it out of the package. Each pod gives you about 200 puffs, so you're good to go for a while.

    Now, take off the coloured cap from the pod. Next, just push the pod into your JUUL device. When you hear that satisfying click, you know it's right. Now, just inhale through the top of the pod – no need to press any buttons. Enjoy your vaping session, and when you're done, don't forget to put the coloured cap back on the JUUL pod.

    That's it! Simple, right? Enjoy vaping!

    What are the most loved and popular flavours for JUUL pods?

    The best and most popular flavours for JUUL pods include Crisp Menthol, Raspberry Sour Apple, Berry Blast, Frost, and Mango. These flavours cater to different preferences and have gained significant popularity among JUUL users.

    What sets apart JUUL 2 pods from the original JUUL pods?

    When comparing JUUL pods to the newer JUUL 2 pods, significant differences emerge which showcase advancements introduced by JUUL Labs.

    Here are the key differentiators:

    25% More Battery Power: JUUL 2 pods boast a 350mAh battery, a 25% increase from the original JUUL.

    70% More E-Liquid Capacity: With a larger capacity, JUUL 2 pods hold 70% more e-liquid, equivalent to 1.2ml of nicotine salt.

    Smart LED Lights: The inclusion of smart LED lights on the battery provides improved user visibility and control.

    New Robust Flavors: JUUL 2 introduces a range of new and robust flavors, expanding options for users.

    Introduction of JUUL App: A brand new JUUL app accompanies JUUL 2, offering additional features and customization.

    These enhancements collectively contribute to a more extended and enhanced vaping experience which makes JUUL 2 a notable upgrade from the original JUUL pods.

    Questions New Vapers Often Ask

    What does "Juul Charger" mean?

    A JUUL charger is a magnetic USB charging dock that comes with the JUUL starter kit. To charge the JUUL device, simply insert it into the USB charging dock and plug the dock into a USB port. The charging process typically takes about 1 hour. After charging, users can check the battery indicator light by tapping the device twice. A green light indicates that the JUUL device is fully charged and ready to use.

    How frequently should I charge my Juul 2 pod?

    The JUUL battery is designed to endure either 12 hours or 8 hours with heavier usage. Recharge it as soon as the battery is depleted.

    How often should I Juul each day?

    The recommended amount of JUUL usage per day is advised to be moderate. Users are encouraged to indulge in small puffs of vapour throughout the day rather than taking long drags. It is generally suggested to stick to one JUUL pod per day, as recommended by experts. This measured approach aims to provide users with a mindful and controlled vaping experience.

    How do Vape Pens and Vape Hookahs differ from each other?

    The difference between a vape pen and a vape hookah lies in their composition, nicotine content, and perceived experience. Vape hookahs, often referred to as e-hookahs, are electronic cigarettes found online that vaporize a liquid. These devices typically claim to be nicotine-free and use chemical flavorings to mimic the taste of candy. However, they are known to provide a more damaging experience compared to vape pens.

    On the other hand, vape pens contain nicotine, offering an experience closer to smoking cigarettes but with slightly less harm. The key distinction is that vape pens include nicotine, making the sensation akin to smoking, albeit with a reduced level of harm compared to traditional cigarettes.

    What items are included in a Juul starter kit?

    When you open up the starter kit, you'll find everything you need to get started with JUUL. There's the JUUL e-cigarette itself which is sleek and compact.

    You'll also get a handy USB charging dock to keep your JUUL powered up. And don't forget about the four nicotine pods included in the kit! They come in a variety of flavours like Virginia Tobacco, Mint, Vanilla, and Mango, each packed with 5% nicotine strength to suit your taste preferences.

    It's everything you need to dive into the world of vaping with JUUL.

    How much does a Juul vape cost in India?

    When it comes to purchasing JUUL e-cigarettes (Vape, Pod or Starter Kit) in India, you're in luck! Because you won't have to search far and wide to discover the greatest deals on JUUL vapes. Simply explore our extensive catalogue showcased above, and start your vaping journey with ease. Shop your favourite Juul Vape now.